Earth Altar for 5 rythm dance


Yesterday was the first time I cried
At night, woken by the storm
Really realising what’s its gonna be like
Living on a destructed planet

Sadness overwhelmed me
For all the beauty we are losing
Because of our own amazingly big stupidity

I am a healer
So I put my hands on her
My Earth, Our Planet
I took a bit of her pain into my body
It hurted in my woman’s womb

And I breathed
I could feel my heart beat from all the love I have for her
I could feel she was listening

And I breathed
Holding her with my whole body
Being one with her
I found peace
For now

And I breathed

I am a dancer
Today I danced my anger
Allowing myself to scream
Deeply feeling my own power
The strength of my body
The strength of my heart

And I danced
With others
Connecting body heart and power
We are not alone

We are not alone
I found joy
For now

And I danced

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