Dancing With Chaos

Dancer of Chaos LL


Dancing With Chaos

In prevision of next week 5 rhythms workshop’s altar : Intuition

Chaos, my favorite rhythm.

« Chaos is like deep see diving, we plunge down into the ocean of our being and marvel at the images floating around within us, images that stir tremendous feelings. »

« Chaos teaches us how to let go, how to move in the unknow, how to die and be reborn. « 

« The soul understands that true art is catalyzed in the wild, unpredictable rythm of chaos. We think we’re supposed to know what we’re doing; on the contrary, as artists, our offering to the world is our unique perspective on the unknow. Art that doesn’t come from chaos, from the place where everything is happening at the sime time and all our inhibitions are released, ends up being overintellectualized, unoriginal, and boring. »

Gabrielle Roth

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